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  • Do you ship to me?
    Currently we are operating in Switzerland, EU, UK and the United States of America.
  • Can I return product or merchandise?
    All sales are FINAL once it has left our warehouse.
  • What are your shipping rates?
    All shipping cost are calculated at checkout.
  • Where is the salon located?
    We are located in Geneva Switzerland at: Chemin des Pontets 11 1212 Grand-Lancy
  • What can I expect when I come to the Curl Sanctuary?
    Book a consultation, then you’ll see! It’s a VIBE!
  • Are your products 100% natural?
    All of our products are mostly natural. What’s important to Charlotte Noire is to also not strip all of the earth’s resources for hair that not alive. #sustainability
  • Can I mix and match Charlotte Noire products with other brands?
    OF COURSE! Know that we are also developing just a few more products to become your go to curly hair brand.
  • What if I have an allergic reaction to your products?
    We recommended discontinued use immediately and contact your physician. They can help you identify the ingredient that may have caused the reaction.
  • How should I care for my bonnet?
    Please handwash with warm water and a mild detergent. Lay flat to dry. #TIP Be sure to buy TWO so while one is in the wash, the other is ready for sleep duty.
  • What are “Charlotte Noire Bonnets”?
    After working as a hairstylist in the Geneva area for years, Jess Cali noticed a demand from her European clients for a product with virtually no European presence. Drawing on her knowledge of and experience with American haircare, Jess Cali sought to create the first premium, artisanal hair wear in the form of luxury bonnets. With a personal commitment to the care of curly hair, Charlotte Noire Bonnets was established to meet each client’s needs and to introduce a useful and stylish product to the women of Western Europe. Jess Cali is committed to helping her clients look and feel good, even when they’re sleeping!
  • What sizes do you offer?
    Our bonnets are sized according to capacity of cavity. For example: Small-On request only for babies & children Medium- Our standard and most popular size. Great for medium curls and styles. Large- Great for the huge Fro's, long or large braids, big curls and dread locs.
  • What materials do you use to make the bonnets?
    Each handmade CN Bonnet is designed by Jess Cali and created using locally-sourced satin and cotton. Ranging from quirky to classic, Jess Cali always chooses fabric with an eye for femininity, fun, and fashion. Bonnets by CN are 100% Swiss-crafted. Countries where material is sourced: Burkina Faso Holland France Switzerland Ghana Gambia ​
  • How do I wash my bonnets?
    Your bonnet can be washed easily by hand, using mild laundry soap, cool water, and a gentle touch. Your bonnet must be air dried by laying out flat out by hanging. Only wash as often as is necessary, and not excessively. All bonnets are subject to fade due to high amounts of pigment in fabric.
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